Gems Vol. 5 Happy Trap Melodies

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Gems Vol. 5 Happy Trap Melodies

In recent years we’ve seen the birth of a new type of trap music that is absolutely killing on the charts!

With hit artists like Lil Uzi, 645AR, Lil Yachty and Playboi Carti making huge waves in the industry...

There’s no doubt that happy sounding trap songs have been some of the most successful in the game, almost blending pop and trap together.

This collection embodies that blend of pop vibes and melodic trap to give you a huge range of catchy melodies to work with when looking to create your next hit song! 

Gems Vol. 5 Happy Trap Melodies specs:

  • - 40 samples
  • - 234 MB
  • - .WAV (works in any music software)
  • - 100% royalty free
Astro - 148 BPM F Maj
Gucci - 150 BPM A Maj
Heaven - 140 BPM F Min
Millions - 190 BPM D# Maj