Xfer Lfo Tool

Xfer Lfo Tool

LFO Tool is a unique low-frequency oscillator that revolutionizes the way music producers can create, modulate, control tremolo, auto-pan, gating, and sidechain with ease. LFO Tool also features several user-friendly, fully customizable point-tension curves that allow the user to easily achieve their desired sound with minimal effort.

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Xfer LFO Tool Review

Xfer Records has a track record of releasing powerful and easy to use plugins and LFO Tool is no exception.

Users across the music industry recognize this plugin as one of the most user-friendly FX utility plugins on the market. A must-have for music producers who are interested in creating unique sounds.

LFO Tool is a fully customizable plugin with several options at your fingertips, allowing you to take your sounds to the next level.

Most notably, this plugin is used as a great way to sidechain in EDM production, but this isn’t the only thing this tool is great at.

Not only can you control volume, the user can also modulate several other parameters all within the same window space, at the same time. It’s like having an extra set of hands turning the knobs on your favorite synth!

Whether you want to create space for your kick to sit or you want to have that recognizable future bass wobble-effect, this plugin is a must-have in every producer’s arsenal.

To go more in-depth about LFO Tool, we’ve put together an overview containing the following topics:

  • Pros And Cons
  • What Makes LFO Tool Unique
  • Features
  • Skill Level Required

Let’s dive in and take a look at some of the positives and negatives of this plugin.

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  • Highly customizable curve settings allow user to create their own shape for effect
  • Offers BPM and Hz LFO rate control
  • MIDI compatible: Allows LFO curve to be triggered by MIDI in 5 different ways
  • Up to four graphs at one time (cutoff, resonance, pan, drive) to see how the LFO is affecting your sound
  • Light on the CPU
  • Comes with dozens of filter presets to work with    


  • Only has 5 modulation processing effects
  • Not a “sleek looking” plugin
  • Can’t trigger the LFO’s with an audio source, only via MIDI notes

It’s clear that LFO Tool stands out as a top notch plugin and should be a priority to purchase if it’s not already in your library.

Not only does it offer plenty of options for you to work with, this plugin stands out above its competition because of its unique qualities.  

What Makes LFO Tool Unique

The interface for LFO Tool is straightforward and easy to use. When you first open up the plugin you’ll notice that there are many options and controls that you can modulate.

Not only this, but the ability to seamlessly change the LFO curves you’re working on makes this an easily customizable plugin.

The routing options available in LFO Tool are clearly labeled and easy to switch back and forth to in between your created curves.

Want to duck your bass so that your kick shines through your mix? Load up a sidechain preset that modulates the volume and get right to work, adjusting where you see fit.

lfo tool - cymatics - sidechain

Here, you can control the cutoff, resonance, volume, and pan, making it simple to trial new curves or combine ideas to make that perfect sound.

Unlike other plugins, LFO Tool also allows you to shift the phase of the curve that you’re working on to allow for finer tuning of your desired effect.

lfo tool - cymatics - sidechain 02

In order to better explain what LFO Tool is capable of, we’re going to go into more detail about all of its features.  


Customizable Curves

To start, LFO Tool has 12 customizable LFO curves that you are able to choose from and edit. Each window can be routed and modulate various controls at once, allowing for you to have be unlimited options when it comes to modifying your LFO.

It’s easy to use in any workflow. If you’re editing a curve but want to make a small change, simply copy and paste it to another window without having to worry about the hard work you’ve already put in.

lfo tool - cymatics - curves

Filter Presets

LFO Tool has 93 filter presets to play around with. They range from your standard high and low pass filters to the more unique comb or multiband filters. Whichever you are looking for, LFO Tool has it.

lfo tool - cymatics - notch

MIDI Compatibility

For those of you that don’t work within the realm of “four on the floor”, LFO Tool also has MIDI trigger compatibility for off-beat drum patterns. 

lfo tool - cymatics - midi options

You can use MIDI to retrigger your curve, gate or turn off when the note ends, have the velocity change the rate or phase of the LFO, or simply have the MIDI change the cutoff.


LFO Tool also allows you to visually see how your LFO is affecting your sound with the “scope” option. We know that for some producers it’s much easier to work when you can see how your audio is being effected. Luckily, Xfer kept this in mind when designing this plugin.

lfo tool - cymatics - waveform

This plugin packs in a lot of features into a neat package. With so many options available, this plugin may seem like it’s difficult to use but we assure you, it’s pretty easy.

Skill Level Required

LFO Tool truly bridges the gap between veteran producers and those who have only just begun.

You can create a sidechain effect with a quick click of a preset or dive into the depths of this plugin by routing several curves to different modulated controls.

Every option in this plugin is laid out in one window out of the box. Shuffling through filters and selecting where to route your LFO curve will be the hardest thing you do and even then, it’s fun.

Once you understand how these menus work, the world is your oyster.

If you’re just getting started or have been making music for quite some time, you are more than capable enough to own this plugin.

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If you don’t already have this plugin in your arsenal we highly recommend you pick this one up. At 50 USD, the LFO Tool can really change the way you make music without breaking the bank.

This plugin is an invaluable tool for anyone wanting unrivaled control over the frequencies, volume level, panning over their basses, leads, or any other sounds in their track.

The flexibility to tailor your sounds are unlike any other comparable plugins out there. Combine that with its MIDI compatibility and this tool is a homerun and will help you along the way to creating unique and interesting sounds.

Go and give this plugin a try here, we know you won’t be disappointed! This plugin makes an excellent addition to any library.