Ultimate List of FM8 Presets

Ultimate List of FM8 Presets
Native Instruments’ FM8 is a FM synthesizer that helps you create beautiful and dynamic sounds with ease, and while it comes with a myriad of presets, downloading third party FM8 presets is a great way to expand your library.

Alternatively, you could create your own unique sounds with this powerful synthesizer, and reverse engineering presets to get a better understanding of sound design is one of the best ways to approach this.

Not to mention, you can even use these presets in your tracks in the meantime.

So, to help you find the presets you need, we decided to create an ultimate list that displays what you can do with this powerful synthesizer.

Let's get started!

Academy.fm & FM8:

Academy.fm offers a 14-part course on how FM8 works. It breaks down each element of the plugin as well as showing you how to use each feature.

This is incredibly useful for those who want to take full advantage of FM synthesis.

academy - fm8 presets

While working your way through this course, Academy.fm also provides you with a preset bank that includes 50 of the best FM8 presets on the market.

academy - threat - fm8 presets

And the good news is, you can actually access this course, preset pack, and hundreds of others just like this one for free on Academy.fm by clicking here.

Other FM8 Presets:

1985 FM8 by Deep Data Loops

This gives you about 100 preset sounds for Native Instruments FM8, giving you total freedom and control for your own ideas.

Euro Dance Masters 1.5 by Biome Digital

Euro Dance Masters 1.5 for FM8 features 64 presets, each with four variations. Each variation can also be morphed by using the XY pad, which gives you more than 256 different sounds!

500 Presets:FM8 by Patchmaker

This set includes over 500 presets developed by professional sound designers.

Niteshade by Brandon Clark

Niteshade is comprised of 64 presets for FM8, and is inspired by the darker side of fairy tales and the arcane enchantment of night.

Curved Horizon: FM8 Vintage Presets by Mode Audio

Mode Audio brings you a whole range of sounds you may never have expected from an FM synth before.

Chillout Sounds FM8 by ADSR Sounds

Chillout sounds for FM8 will suit ambient, experimental, chillwave, chillout, and alternative electronic styles.

Shocking Electro House by Vandalism

If you are looking for absolutely fresh and different analog-style sounds, this compilation is directed towards you.

1750 Presets: FM8/Massive/Razor/Prism Presets by Patchmaker

Expect to find future bass leads, trap basses, dubstep wobbles, bigroom brasses, beautiful ambient pads, sharp sound effects, drums, and percussion.

Edge of Noise: FM8 SFX Presets by ModeAudio

This is a brand new selection of custom synth patches in the form of Edge of Noise – FM8 SFX Presets!

Techno Sounds by ADSR Sounds

It is packed full of arp and sequence sounds providing melodic and groove inspiration. It also has a selection of classic Detroit style chords, stabs, and bass sounds full of sub energy.

FM8 Quasar by Analog Factor

FM8 Quasar offers long evolving and dark soundscapes, melodic and dynamic sequences, and rough dynamic bass presets.

Deep House FM8 by ADSR Sounds

There is ballsy, aggressive bass sounds stacked super warm and wide chords, jackin’ leads, melodic arps, and deep lush keys offered in this latest FM8 pack from ADSR sounds.

FM8 Techno Presets by Mind Flux

There are dark and dirty bass tones, enigmatic drones, rough, raw keys, and heavy drums that will add multitude of thunderous frequencies to your productions.

Progressive/Electro House by ADSR Sounds

This new set of sounds for FM8 is takes its cues from recent electro house and progressive house club smashes.

Dance Leads by ADSR Sounds

This offers 50 new leads for FM8 – tweaked and ready for the big room. Also included in this pack are a number of dancefloor ready huge leads, progressive plucks, and sequenced one finger rhythmic workouts.

Vanishing Points: FM8 Minimal Synth Presets by ModeAudio

‘Vanishing Points’ from ModeAudio has it all including rumbling basses, lilting chord progressions, and solid synths.

Envelope by ADSR Sounds

Envelope has 50 brand new and exclusive sounds for FM8. They are all focused on complex envelope loops painstakingly programmed. All you need to do is fire up these patches, hold down a note, and discover what sequence unfolds.

FM8 Arpeggiator Sounds by ADSR Sounds

This includes squelchy acidic 303 inspired lines, programmed bass sequences, melodic and uplifting lead lines, and more experimental patterns.

FM8 Atmosphere’s by ADSR Sounds

Here we have 50 atmospheric sounds for FM8, painstakingly programmed with plenty of morph options.

FM8 EFX by ADSR Sounds

50 FM8 EFX presets include down-lifters, uplifters, impacts, sweeps, and swells for you to either use out of the box or sculpt into.

Drum & Bass (FM8) by ADSR Sounds

This pack is for producers looking to add to their sonic palette. Consisting of 28 heavy basses and 22 synth sounds, this collection of sounds is sure to be featured in many DnB productions.

FM8 Pads by ADSR Sounds

The 50 preset FM8 bundle on offer here includes 50 Lush Pads with built in morphing.

Dubstep by ADSR Sounds

Dubstep for FM8 is a collection of 50 dubstep presets including 5 Arps, 18 Bass, 5 FX, 10 Leads, 7 Pads, and 5 Stabs for producers using FM8.

Shut Yo’ Trap by ADSR Sounds

Shut Yo’ Trap is a collection of 50 FM8 presets for Trap/Future Bass producers.

Rise by ADSR Sounds

FM8 Progressive Trance Sound Bank is a collection of 50 presets for NI FM8.

PsyTrance Sounds by ADSR Sounds

All the sounds in this demo are unprocessed. Imagine the possibilities once you bounce down these psychedelic sonic monsters!

Ultimate Dark Synths by Loopmasters.com

Expect to find 180 nasty synths including rumbling reece’s, aggressive leads, hard knock synths, erie atmospherics, dark pads, edgy lead sounds, and terrifying FX!

Ethereal Presets by Samplephonic

There are 120 ethereal synth presets for Native Instruments FM8!

FM8 EDM Patches by Sample Magic

A high-octane fusion of dubstep, electro, and progressive house is in this pack.


As you can see, there is a huge selection of patches out there for FM8.

By downloading these presets and reverse engineering them, you’ll be able to not only understand sound design better, you’ll also gain a better understanding of how the plugin works. By doing this you should be able to create your own presets in no time.

We’ll update this list regularly, so if you have any preset banks you love, feel free to comment on your favorite ones below!

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