Free Sample Packs For RnB Drums, Loops, and Chord Progressions

Free Sample Packs For RnB Drums, Loops, and Chord Progressions

R&B drum packs are one of the most requested things we get here at Cymatics. Another big one we get all the time is r&b chord progressions and melody loops.

So we had our production team study some of the top RnB records of the past few decades to study what techniques and sounds the producers were using to create them.

This list features our sample packs that will help you get the right r&b chord progressions, drum loops, guitar, vocals, and more!

Cymatics RnB Sample Packs

Orchid Premium Sample Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The Orchid sample pack alone has everything you need to complete dozens of RnB beats. This pack is a personal favorite and one of our biggest free sample packs we've ever done, with over 3Gb of RnB drums patterns, melodies, vocals, and more. 


All I Ever Wanted - 90 BPM Emin
Champagne - 170 BPM Bmin
RnB Hihat Loop 9 - 100 BPM
Orchid Atmosphere - 94 BPM Cmin

Infinity Vocal Collection

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

RnB acapellas that are royalty free can be difficult to find unless you know a vocalist to work with. Thats why we put together Infinity. Infinity is the biggest free vocal sample pack Cymatics has ever done, with a major focus on R&B vocals. Producers are constantly using r&b vocal samples for adding emotion and soul to the melody. This pack features 2 whole rnb acapellas and a ton of vocal loops that are very rnb influenced.

If you like this pack and want more rnb vocal samples there is another pack further down this list that you should check out! 

Acapella - Make Me Crazy - 95 BPM Dmin
Believer - Vocal Chop - 157 BPM B Maj
Pink Diamonds - Vocal Chop - 150 BPM Emin
Vocal One Shot 7 - F

2022 Melody Collection Beta Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

If you need more RnB style melodies to help catch a vibe and inspire you, the 2022 Melody Collection has a variety of options for you to choose from. There is folder for rnb melodies where you can find chord progressions with common r&b voicings.

There are also loops with rnb style guitars that are perfect to flip into an rnb type beat.

Seduction - 110 BPM Cmin
Paris - 92 BPM Amin
City Lights - 77 BPM Amin

GEMS Teaser Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

The GEMS collection is an ongoing series of royalty free melody loops with a volume for every Genre. Of the 22 different GEMS packs, there are a few different RnB style packs that have amazing rnb chord progressions, loops, and guitars.

This GEMS teaser pack features a few melody loops from all across the GEMS collection, many which are from the R&B melody packs.

Euphoria Vocal Sample Pack

Cymatics Sample Pack Box

If you're still looking for more RnB vocal samples and acapellas, this vocal pack is all you should need for a while. Euphoria comes with a full RnB acapella track, vocal loops, one shots, vocal fx, and more. 

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