The Best Future Bass Sample Pack of 2017! (Free Packs Included)

The Best Future Bass Sample Pack of 2017! (Free Packs Included)
When it comes creating huge Future Bass tracks, it’s important to find the best Future Bass Sample Pack to work with!

Often producers make the mistake of not using the right type of samples, which can cause the song they are making to sound a bit “off”.

So we wanted to help you out by showing you exactly which Future Bass Sample Pack will help you the most when it comes to making Future Bass.

And just as a side note.

Over the past 3 years we’ve created thousands and thousands of samples, worked with over 1 million producers online, and have sold over 40,000 sample packs.

And this post is based 100% off experience and user feedback.

Mainly because we were discovering which packs we were creating that was helping the users the most.

So without further ado, here’s our best future bass sample packs in 2017!

Future Bass Drums Vol. 1

Future Bass Sample Pack - Future Bass Drums Vol. 1

In recent era, no genre has been better at combining big synths and catchy melodies than Future Bass.

But very often, producers ask us why their Future Bass productions do not sound professional even through their writing is on point.

The truth is, many aspiring Future Bass producers focus so much on the melodic aspects of the genre that they forget one of the most important elements – drums.

Future Bass Drums Vol. 1 was a classic drum pack which we first released to help producers master the complex drum work that goes behind Future Bass.

It contains HUNDREDS of top quality samples based on artists like Flume and Louis the Child.

Download this Future Bass Sample Pack here by getting a free account below:

Future Bass Essential Samples

Future Bass Sample Pack - Essential Samples Vol. 1

It may seem like the secret to Future Bass is solely in the layers of various synths.

But the truth of the matter is, the real magic happens when quality drums meet quality melodies.

Listen to any Flume track and you’ll hear how the synths are in perfect harmony with the intricate drum work.

The drums and percussion were carefully synthesized while others were layered with live recordings to give you a wide variety of percussion so you can create interesting and unique drum beats.

Then we spent hours on hours perfecting 40 beautifully written Piano and String loops, Vocal Loops, and Synth Loops that will boost your production speed and workflow and can LITERALLY be dragged and dropped when the moment of creativity strikes.

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Heater Future Bass Drums

Future Bass Sample Pack - Heater Drums

Future Bass is not only famous for it’s lush synths and rich harmonies, but also for stepping outside the box with it’s huge drums.

So when we released Heater, we made sure to bring the most groundbreaking Kicks, Snares, Percussion for the most forward thinking genre in EDM.

Download this best selling pack by getting a free account below:

Free Future Bass Sample Packs

The best part about future bass is that you can use a huge variety of samples, presets and other resources to make it sound super interesting and unique. So we wanted to add in some sample packs and preset packs that go great with making this genre.

Drum Samples

Vocal Samples

Foley Samples

Instrument Loops

Project Files


Having the best Future Bass Sample Pack can make a huge difference in your production.

Which is why we highly suggest that you sign up for a Free account HERE.

You’ll be able to access all the premium Future Bass Sample Packs mentioned above.

And then after you do that, make sure to get the free downloads!

Happy Producing!