Ultimate List Of FREE Sample Packs In 2018!

Ultimate List Of FREE Sample Packs In 2018!

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Samples are at the forefront of electronic music production. Having a diverse library is crucial, and free sample packs are a great way to expand it.

They help you find the exact sounds you’re looking for to complete your track.

But cycling through dozens of different sites to find the perfect samples can take some time.

That’s why we put together this ultimate list of the best free sample packs. This list will save you time and let you focus on the thing you do best: producing.

When you’re searching for packs you want to look at three different factors:

    • Quality

    • Quantity

    • Will This Benefit Me?

With these three factors, you’ll be able to find a collection of samples that are perfectly suited for you.

And the good news is, despite popular opinion, quality samples don’t always come with a price tag. There are tons of free sample packs out there that have incredible quality, and range from many different genres.

Free Sample Packs by Cymatics.fm


100K Sample Pack

This is one of our best FREE sample packs.

As a token of our appreciation for reaching 100k followers on Soundcloud, we released this pack that includes over 1.2 GB of samples, loops, presets, project files, and more!

Vocoder Vocals Vol 1

With a HUGE collection of vocoded vocals, you’ll find yourself having too much fun with these.

Vocoder Vocals Vol 2

An extension to one of our best free sample packs ever, Vocoder Vocals Vol 1.

Kicks Collection Vol 1

25 perfectly crafted kicks suitable for any EDM genre!

Kicks Collection Vol 2

The second pack of kicks following part one. If you loved the first volume, you NEED to add these to your library.

Snare Collection Vol 1

This is our first collection of free snares. These work great for most heavy bass genres!

Vocal Chants, Phrases, & Buildups

These chants, phrases, and build ups are a MUST-have for your production.

Vocal Chops Vol 1

A collection of vocal chops to bring your track to life.

Vocal Chops Vol 2

The second part of the vocal chop collections. These chops are guaranteed to push your production to the next level.

Vocal Chops Vol 3

The third and final part of our collection of vocal chops. If you loved the other two, these are a must-have!

Buildup Drums Vol 1

Building up in anticipation of your drop can be challenging, use these to give your production a little push.

Pre Drop Vocals Vol 1

Add these FREE pre-drop vocals to your collection to get the ultimate hype going!

NGHTMRE Style Snares

One of our most downloaded free sample packs, and for a good reason.

Multiple crispy, weird snares in the style of NGHTMRE!

Acoustic Guitar Loops Vol 1

Here is a collection of amazing acoustic guitar loops, recorded directly in the studio!

Chants & Phrases Vol 1

An extension to our other chants and phrases pack! This pack is what you need to add flavor to your next track.

Perc Loops Vol 1

A big collection of percussion loops to fill in the gaps of your song. These are guaranteed to add rhythm immediately.

Hybrid Trap Drum Loops

Need those heavy hitting hybrid trap drums? This is one of the few free sample packs that will get you covered.

Hybrid Trap 808s

Push these along with some hybrid trap drum loops and you’re good to go.

Hybrid Trap Synth Fills Vol 1

Having trouble transitioning one lead bass to another? No problem, use these to find inspiration or boost your track!

Hybrid Trap Synth Fills Vol 2

The second part to fill up your empty spaces in your drop. Download these synth fills now to see how the pros do it!

Piano & String Loops Vol 1

Soft and beautiful string instruments can add life to a track. Use these to bring life to yours.

Piano & String Loops Vol 2

The second part to our string collection. These are guaranteed to add a lively vibe to your track.

Synth Loops Vol 1

Need some inspiration? Grab these synth loops to see how the pros are creating these crazy synths!

Synth Loops Vol 2

The second part to our synth loop collection!

Video Game Vocals

We all love video games! Download this collection of free video game vocals!

Halloween FX & Ambience

Time to get spooky…

Add a dark vibe to your track with these halloween themed FX!

Halloween Vocals

Want to make it even more creepy? We made some amazing halloween vocals for the ultimate scare!

Halloween Synth Loops

To top off the halloween collection, here are some synth loops with scary sounding progressions!

Pots and Pans Vol 1

Need some metal dings and dongs? These foley sounds will open up a room of creativity.

Pots and Pans Vol 2

The second part to our pots and pans collection. Make sure you grab these to create crazy foley fills and loops!

Beach Ambience & Foley

Soothe and relax. Add some beach ambience to your track to put your listeners at ease.

Billiards Foley

A collection of sounds of people playing billiards doesn’t get much better than this...

Closet Recordings

Get into the closet with us and hear the different sounds that we made in isolation.

Target Foley Recordings

We went to Target just to get the sounds you know and love!

Walmart Foley Recordings Vol 1

Ever notice the crazy amount of sounds you hear at Walmart? Check these out!

Walmart Foley Recordings Vol 2

The second part to our trip to Walmart! Check out these crazy foley sounds!

Home Depot Foley Recordings

This trip was fun. We went to Home Depot, the land of insane foley sounds!



Do you want to see more free sample packs? Comment below and let us know what kind of pack you’d love to see soon!

We’ll update this list often as we frequently add more packs to our production resources on Academy.fm!

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