Best DJ Headphones: 10 Of The Best In 2022!

Best DJ Headphones: 10 Of The Best In 2022!
With so many options available, finding the best DJ headphones can be a complicated task.

You need a pair that can handle a beating and still be ready for a live performance the next day. This is because one of the most common issues DJs come across is their headphones breaking.

But don’t worry. Because of this, we’ve put a list of the most durable, high quality headphones on the market right now.

In this list, we’ve also made sure they’re all closed-ear headphones to ensure you get the best results.

The reason being, closed-ear headphones have a sealed-back, preventing noise from “leaking” out of them. So you’ll be able to experience the audio fully and focus on the song you’re cueing.

Another benefit of having closed headphones is the increase in bass/low-end frequencies. This allows your head area to feel the beat of the song you’re cueing, which calls for perfect beat matching.

So, now that you understand the benefits of these types of headphones, we can dive into which of them will best for you!

Cymatics Best DJ Headphones Pick: Sennheiser HD 25

cymatics-best dj headphones-hd 25

Sennheiser has always been known for durability and quality.

These headphones do not only look incredible, but they are also the perfect choice for the traveling DJ. For these reasons, these headphones are our favorite ones from this list and we highly recommend them.

Their strength is equipped to handle everything from a DJ throwing them next to the decks to any accidental drops.

These things happen quite often, but with the Sennheiser HD 25, it won’t result in your headphones breaking. This is a big deal, because there’s nothing worse than your headphones breaking mid-set. Trust us, it’s a nightmare.

Another cool thing about these headphones is that they come with a rotating capsule, which allows for single-ear listening.

Sometimes, DJ’s don’t like to have both tracks cued to the headphones, because it can get confusing. So the flexibility to only listen in one ear is really helpful.

These are also extremely light headphones, meaning they won’t feel uncomfortable after a long 1 or 2 hour set.

And if your aux cable breaks, it’s no problem! These offer a detachable auxiliary cable that you can replace at any time. Even if you simply want to switch it out for a longer or shorter cable.

All around, these headphones are built to last and provide DJs with all the aspects they need.

Starting Price: $149

Buy them here: Amazon

Option 02: Pioneer Pro DJ HDJ-2000MK2-K

cymatics-best dj headphones-hdj 2000

These headphones were designed by the same company who made the club standard decks, Pioneer!

They are on the pricey side for DJ headphones, but they’re completely worth it.

For starters, these headphones scream comfortability. They’re so plush and light that you almost don’t realize you have them on.

Not only do they feel like ear pillows, but they’re also tight on your head which will allow you to hear the audio clearly. You won’t have to crank up the volume on the mixer, which will make the headphones last even longer.

These headphones also have excellent sound isolation. Like we mentioned earlier, insulation to the headphones will block out those huge monitors aiming at you in the DJ booth. This will allow you to dial in on the transition of the next track cued.

Like most DJ headphones, they also have rotatable housing allowing you to easily move either cup off your ear for single-ear usage.

Another benefit worth mentioning about these headphones is the L-Type connection to the headphone itself. This connection will prevent the cable from detaching from the headphones when you’re jumping around and pumping up the crowd. The connection used is called a ‘mini-XLR’.

Starting Price: $270

Buy them here: Amazon

Option 03: Pioneer HDJ-500

cymatics-best dj headphones-hdj 500

Looking for an inexpensive option? Well, look no further.

The Pioneer HDR-500R headphones will provide you with incredible headphones that have some epic features.

For starters, these headphones adopt the styling of the higher-end series of the HDJ-2000’s.

And like the models above these, they also offer rotating housing but only to the right side. This allows you to turn the right cup away from your ear.

But, since there is a huge price drop between these headphones and others, they do sacrifice some important features.

The main thing is that these headphones don’t last as long or provide the same quality audio as the rest.

But if you find yourself losing or breaking headphones frequently, then these might be the perfect ones for you.

And just so you know-- if you’re looking for the bluetooth versions, they have that alternative as well.

Starting Price: $90

Buy them here: Amazon

Option 04: Audio Technica ATH-M50x

cymatics-best dj headphones-ath m50x

Need something you can use at home and at shows? Let’s talk about these bad boys…

The ATH-M50x headphones have the best of both worlds when it comes to DJ and studio headphones.

Like most closed-ear headphone features, there is a slight noise reduction. This is from the size of the ear cups.

These headphones also have an incredibly accurate frequency response rate—with a slight lack of high end unfortunately—similar to open ear headphones. This means they can be used for mixing in your studio as well!

For that reason, this has made the ATH M50x one of the top tier selection of studio headphones.

Furthermore, these headphones are great if you’re on a budget and want something within both realms of live performance and studio applications.

They also offer a 90° swivel to the ear cup for quick single-ear usage, which allow you to cue up the next track while hearing the monitors and your headphones.

These seem to be the most popular choice for DJ’s that expand their creativity to production behind the scenes as well!

Audio Technica also offers a series of headphones that represent this style for different price categories.

Starting Price: $150

Buy them here: Amazon

Option 05: V-MODA Crossfade M-100

cymatics-best dj headphones-v moda

According to the internet, these are highly rated headphones for quality and durability.

The reason these headphones are so durable is due to their metal framing . You could drop, kick or even toss them around, and they could handle it.

And as we know, durability is a huge factor, because replacing headphones frequently can be costly and time consuming.

But the thing is, sometimes it’s hard to create headphones that are both durable and comfortable. That’s what makes these headphones so unique!

Their tight, noise canceling ear cups  are the primary reason these headphones are surprisingly comfortable.

These cups also take part in providing an incredible sound with enhanced clean low end while maintaining a clear high end. This allows you to get a good understanding of your sound while mixing.

Another benefit to these headphones are the massive amount of design options. You have the option to create a custom pair that can include your logo, different colors, or even a custom engraving.

And if all this isn’t enough, these headphones also come with a case allowing you  to fold them up and keep them safe..

Starting Price: $240

Buy them here: Amazon

Option 06: Shure SRH-70DJ

cymatics-best dj headphones-srh 70dj

These headphones were specifically designed for DJ’s.

Shure knew exactly what they were doing when they made these. They’re inexpensive and suited to fulfill all the common needs of a DJ.

One of the issues they solved was simply increasing the impedance of these headphones. Doing this allowed for optimization to easily support DJ mixers without damaging the headphone.

And of course, like other headphones, they also made sure to include closed back cups to isolate most of the noise outside of what you’re listening to. That is if you don’t decide to use the 90° swivel they provide which allows for single-ear usage.

It’s also worth mentioning that these headphones do not have a flat response, they were properly EQ’d for DJ’s by enhancing the low end and expanding the highs to give you a crisp clear response while mixing live.

Lastly, another bonus feature of the SRH-70DJ's is that they allow you to replace the earcup. That way if they start to lose comfort or tear up over time, you won’t have to deal with it or opt for a new pair.

Like we said, these headphones were made for a DJ.

Starting Price: $99

Buy them here: Amazon

Option 07: Audio Technica ATH-M20x

cymatics-best dj headphones-ath m20x

Look familiar? That’s because we sort of talked about these earlier. Well, we talked about the model a few steps up, the ATH-M50x.

But these are still worth including, because unlike the higher-models these headphones are incredibly affordable and are a great option as backup headphones.

And it’s always nice to have a quality and durable back-up.

They don’t have to take a complete back seat compared with the ATH M50x though, since they still hold important similarities.

What do they have in common?

To start of, both of these models have excellent sound isolation. They created an incredibly comfortable over-the-ear cushion to block any sound around you, which allows you to tune in to your next track with ease.

And because of their equal sound isolation, they were able to keep the low frequencies clear and centered, meaning you’ll be able to hear those heavy basses without a problem.

So what are you giving up?

Well, two features that they don’t include are the full 90° swivel and a collapsible body. This is something we think is a great sacrifice for a $100 price cut.

To make up for it, they still offer the ear cup swivel but at a 15° angle instead.

And as for the insides, the input power is decreased as well, but don’t let that fool you. These headphones can serve as an incredible tool for DJ'ing.

Other than a few extra features, these are comparable to some of the top tier range headphones.

Starting Price: $49

Buy them here: Amazon

Option 08: Sony MDR-V55
cymatics-best dj headphones-mdr v55

Sony doesn’t disappoint when it comes to it’s other technological products, so it’s not shocking that they also make an amazing pair of DJ headphones.

They crafted these with plush cushions that not only make them incredibly comfortable but also equip these headphones with decent noise isolation. This will allow you to focus better while you’re mixing on the decks.

Having noise isolation also lets you enhance the mids and low end, making the audio incredibly clear while allowing you to feel the bass.

Not to mention, they offer an extremely high power output, allowing you to crank up the volume if needed.

And when you’re done using them, you can fold them up and store them anywhere due to their flexible design.

This design also includes a reversible ear cup feature that allows you to quickly flip the direction of one of the ears.

Having all of these features is surprising to say in the least due to how affordable they are. You can get a pair for as low as $67.

But there is one small downside. They don’t offer a detachable auxiliary cable which would allow you to yank on the cable a bit.

For the price, however, we think that’s a fair feature to remove.

Starting Price: $67

Buy them here: Amazon

Option 09: Beats Mixr

cymatics-best dj headphones-beats mixr

If you’re going for ultimate comfort and style, these are perfect for you.

You can tell Apple made these for DJ’s because of their unique design. They’re extremely clean, symmetrical, and designed for perfection.

In fact, the swivel feature is the best design feature in the game. It allows you to push it back easily behind the ear, then right back when you need it.

Not to mention, the headband is flexible, giving the headphone great durability. So you don’t have to worry about them breaking when you take them off and hand them to another DJ.

But these aren’t great just because of their design. They’ll also do everything you need as a DJ.

In fact, they offer an enhanced low end for ultimate clarity at high volume, making these a great choice for professional DJ’s.

Lastly, you should know that the auxiliary cable detaches from the headphone, incase a pair breaks or if you want to fold them up and store them.

These are definitely a luxury grade set of headphones for a great price.

Starting Price: $139

*These headphones are discontinued on their website but can be found in other markets, such as Amazon, eBay, etc.*

Buy them here: Amazon

Option 10: Beyerdynamic DT-1350-80

cymatics-best dj headphones-beyerdynamic

If you want top-tier, high-quality headphones, these are a great option.

The first reason is because these high-end headphones offer removable ear cushions for replacements. Cushions rip all the time, which can be annoying if you wear your headphones often. So, the option to get some fresh, comfortable cushions is a nice feature to have.

One of the coolest features might be that these headphones have arguably the best noise cancellation out there, and they were designed to last and provide DJ’s with a professional feel with an incredibly long lasting metal framing.

Due to the metal inner framing, they offer complete flexibility for taking the headphones on/off. This results in durability, which can dominate most plastic modeled headphones.

And of course, like most top-tier headphones, these offer a full 90° swivel for quick single-ear usage.

Efficiency also goes a long way with the DT-1350’s. That’s because the DT-1350’s were made with Tesla Technology to provide the best efficiency possible in headphones.

Starting Price: $210

Buy them here: Amazon


There are a wide variety of headphones available to purchase, and sometimes this can be overwhelming and push you away from buying a pair.

But don’t let the confusion of differences scare you. Most DJ’s just need a pair of headphones that last a while and provide enough quality to work with.

If you’re a paid professional though, it’s best to invest your money into a pair that will provide you with everything you need as you will be using them often.

But if you’re just getting started or need a backup option, you may want to stick to affordable headphones that provide you with the important aspects while leaving out a few high-end features.

To cater to all DJs, we’ve included both headphones that help you with the basics of DJ'ing, and some others that offer you top-tier qualities.

Some may have more features than others, but the price may go up. Here's a recap of some of the most important factors we talked about that you should pay attention to while looking for the best DJ headphones!

Important factors:

    • Durability

    • Quality

    • Rotating Capsules

    • Comfortability

    • Enhanced Low-End

    • Clarity

We hope that this article is able to help you while making your decision!

Which headphones do you think are the best DJ headphones? Let us know in the comment section below!