12 Ways To Get Over Producers Block

12 Ways To Get Over Producers Block
If you produce electronic music, you have probably had a creative block at some point or another. Don't worry - this is a completely normal thing and everyone experiences it from time to time.

Today I'm going to show you 12 methods that have consistently helped me get over producer block.

Not every method will work for everyone, so try out all of them and see which ones help you.

So without further ado, here's 12 ways to get over producers block!

1. Take a couple days off

In my opinion, one of the worst things you can do when you have producers block is try to keep working on songs.

Take a few days to clear your head, not think about music, and just enjoy life.

Producing will still be there for you in a few days, and you'll be able to come back to it feeling fresh and level headed if you take a few days off.

2. Listen to some new music

After taking a few days off, one of the things that always helps me a lot is listening to new music.

The key here is listening to a different style/genre than you typically would.

It will give you fresh ideas and clear your head of the tedious pattern of making the same song over and over that many people get into.

3. Go out in nature

This one may be really weird you because you're locked up in your room producing most of the time, but it has helped me a ton!

Go for a walk in the mountains, on a trail, etc. If you live in the city, find a big public park to walk in.

Getting outside and getting some fresh air is crucial because it will clear your head, and the exercise will get your blood pumping and make you feel better. When you feel better, you will work better!

4. Collab with a producer friend

Try starting up a collab with a producer friend. It doesn't have to be anything serious that you plan on releasing - just do it for fun.

Working with someone will help you get new inspiration and ideas, and when you start working on songs by yourself again, it will most likely flow more naturally. Who knows, the collab may turn out to be a banger!

5. Record some new samples

Try recording some new drum samples to mess around with.

You don't need a professional microphone - just grab your iPhone, go to your garage, and start banging on random stuff.

Steven and I even used to go up to Walmart and walk around and record samples, some of which we used to make songs that go over 100,000 plays!

Have fun with it - the sky is the limit when it comes to recording new samples!

7. Download new VSTs

One thing I do when I have writers block is download new VSTS or presets.

Here's some suggestions for interesting VSTs you could try out that you may have not heard of:

All of these are fun to play with when you have writers block because they are very unique and fun plugins compared to typical plugins such as Massive or Sylenth.

8. Download new presets

Finding good, go-to sounds can be very hard sometimes. The lack of good sounds can often trigger producers block and cause tons of frustration.

I compiled a huge list of free presets for Serum that has tons of gems, but if you don't use Serum, there are tons of lists like this out there for other synths!

9. Go to a show

There is no better inspiration for me than going to an EDM show.

Every time I have producers block and I go to one, I end up getting there and just wanting to go home and work on music!

When I finally do get home, I have completely new inspiration for writing songs.

Another bonus to this is you'll usually hear some unreleased music that's a different style than anything you've ever heard. This is like a better version of tip 2 on this list (listen to some new music).

10. Meditate

You may already do this, but meditation is an incredible way to clear your head and get a new perspective on not only music, but life in general.

If you don't already, a good way to start meditating is an app called Headspace.

This app starts you on 10 minute sessions of guided meditation. It is incredibly calming and is actually what got all of the Cymatics team into meditation.

11. Work on something else

The great thing about music production is that there are tons are differnet things you could be working on besides making songs. Here's some ideas of things you could work on:

    • Making drum samples

    • Mixing/Mastering

    • Study marketing strategies

    • Work on your social medias

The most important thing is to not get down about the fact that you can't make songs right at this exact moment, because there's so many other things you can work on!

12. Work on music early in the morning

Many people don't know this, but people who wake up early have been scientifically proven to be happier  and more productive.

Most producers (including me in the past) are night owls, and as much as you may think it's helping you, it's not.

Ever since I started getting up at 5 am and going to sleep by 11 pm, I am way happier, more productive, and a lot more successful.

If you are in the middle of a producers block, it may be time to start working on switching your schedule. I promise it will help so much! Plus, it always feels great when I've already been up working for 7 hours at 12 pm.


Producers block is one of the most annoying things to have happen when all you want to do is make good music, but hopefully you learned some new ways to deal with it.

If you have any more good ways to get rid of producers block let us know in the comments below :)