Dillon Francis

“Ur drums are da bomb.”

on Savage Drums for Trap



"Cymatics is fire."

on Animals for Serum



“Really good work on the patches! Creative and innovative! Everybody’s gonna have fun with them… Lots of fun.”

on Animals for Serum

Boombox Cartel

"By far the most complete Cymatics pack yet and with top quality drums and sounds."

on Savage Drums for Trap


"Loving all the stuff Cymatics has been putting out! The wavetables alone are worth every penny. If you’re new to producing their presets can give you a solid guideline on synthesis in Serum and get you started on making some really sick sounds. A+ work!”

on Jawz for XFER Serum


“Wow! Infinity really is an endless resource of great sounds!”

on Infinity House Samplepack


Mad Decent

“So good. Definitely using these. They are so sick.”

on Terror Drums for Dubstep


"It was a dark and stormy night. I opened the sacred scrolls that are these sample packs in hopes of casting the 1 magical spell that could aid me in my quest of creating the perfect song. Needless to say the wondrous spellcasters at Cymatics definitely did not disappoint. After many years of endless training, I finally honed the skills needed to utilize the forbidden Cymatics samples to their highest potential. I was named the successor to the throne. I had won the war."


"Gonna be using these drums in every one of my new songs. Quality is unreal in this new pack!”

on Savage Drums for Trap

"Probably the best 128 pack I’ve ever used.”

on Infinity House Samplepack


“This pack is massive and will help with creating any genre of music! These are +A quality sounds! You gotta get it!”

on Helix for Serum

Mt Eden

“Sound design is on point… always something new and Never ceases to amaze.”

on Helix for Serum


“Your new trap pack is unreal, so many amazing samples.”

on Savage Drums for Trap

Bear Grillz

“I was blown away by these patches. The best part is diving into them and seeing exactly how a lot of the sounds were made! Cymatics always kills it.”

on Outbreak for Xfer Serum


"Amazing sounds to fuck around with!”

on Savage Drums for Trap

Bonnie X Clyde

“Helix is the perfect balance between the rave and the radio, perfect for making music that will turn up a party but also for those long cruises in the whip.”

on Helix for Serum


“So dope, pack is filled top to bottom with crazy diverse sounds that are super fun to play around with.”

on Outbreak for Xfer Serum

Timmy Trumpet

“Cymatics Infinity House Samplepack is off the hook! Absolute must have.”

on Infinity House Samplepack

Bombs Away

“This pack is a breath of fresh air for 4/4 production, definitely some go sounds in here.”

on Infinity House Samplepack


"Savage drums makes all other sample packs irrelevant, I cant imagine working on a song without dipping into this pack. They nailed it”

on Savage Drums for Trap


"This is fantastic! Cymatics scores BIG with vocal toolkit, you’ll be hearing its samples in all my new tunes!"

on Vocal Toolkit Vol 1


Never Say Die / Firepower

“I’ve never heard anything like this pack, it’s beast.”

on Animals for Serum


"Solid samples and great quality and variety of presets!”


"This is by far the best bass house pack you can get! The wubs are just gnarly. If you have trouble making a hit with this then it's probably time to pack it up, put on a tie, and go get that 9-5"

on Jawz for XFER Serum

Dirty Audio

"Always quality sounds from Cymatics! Great for saving time with sound design”

on Jawz for XFER Serum


OWSLA / Never Say Die / Firepower

"The Cymatics sample packs are by far the most high quality samples for any genre of music. I get lost... seeing what all i can do with these dope samples.”

on Terror Drums for Dubstep

Just A Gent

“Very slick set of sounds, perfect for anyone who needs some future bass inspiration.”

on Future Bass for Serum


“This pack is truly amazing. The sounds are are so full and lush with little to no post processing required at all. GET HELIX!”

on Helix for Serum


“Cymatics nailed it again, love it!”

on Future Bass for Serum

Luca Lush

“Cymatic’s sound design is always on point and these patches are no exception.”

on Future Bass for Serum


“This preset pack should not be out, its so good! Serum has never sounded so amazing!”

on Future Bass for Serum

Win And Woo

"Everything we’ve heard is amazing. The sounds are absolutely huge straight out of the pack."

on Vocal Toolkit Vol 1

Pegboard Nerds

“Sounds dope.”

on Infinity House Samplepack


Firepower / Disciple

“Unique as fuck, huge game changer for producers everywhere.”

on Animals for Serum

Dion Timmer

Rottun / Most Addictive / Firepower

“Terror drumpack is probably one of the best packs I’ve heard so far. Not gonna lie this shit’s tighhhtt.”

on Terror Drums for Dubstep

DJ Bl3nd

"Damn! This vocal pack is sick as fuck!! Going to be using this for a lot of my songs. x_O"

on Vocal Toolkit Vol 1


“These sounds are next level, something like this can take your production game to a whole different spectrum. Great pack”

on Outbreak for Xfer Serum


Buygore / Dim Mak

“I highly recommend all producers to invest in this awesome pack. It’ll be the only dubstep drum kit youll need for life.”

on Terror Drums for Dubstep

Tom Budin

“The drum samples are next level and the pack is really high quality.”

on Infinity House Samplepack



"Always a studio party when we get new cymatics gear!"

Andrew Luce

There are usually about five of the same vocal samples in every sample pack, and finding good ones beyond the overused ones can be tough. Cymatics took the one thing I felt I was lacking in my sample library and made a whole pack of quality content."

on Vocal Toolkit Vol 1

$unday $ervice

A1A / Spinnin' / Monstercat

“These drums are honestly next level. One of the best sample packs you can find right now. The snares have that pop you’re looking for.”

on Terror Drums for Dubstep


"Got the Trap pack yesterday and have already made use of pretty much every drum sample in there! These samples are ready to go and sound great”

on Savage Drums for Trap

Jameston Thieves

"Top notch sounds man! Easily some of the most gnarly wave tables I've heard, been having endless fun messing with them.”

on Jawz for XFER Serum