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The VIP Exclusives Bundle Now!

Includes our Event Sample Pack, Cymatics USB, T Shirt, & $50 Gift Card.

VIP Exclusives Includes:

*This offer will be gone after this page!


Cymatics USB With Secret Sample Pack

YYou will also receive an exclusive Cymatics USB that comes pre-loaded with a secret sample pack that only you will have access to.

It’s a custom-made design that will only be available in this VIP Exclusives Bundle.

These types of USBs have proven to be quite popular in our community during past product launches, so we hope you enjoy this one too!


Cymatics T-shirt

Each person who gets this VIP Exclusives offer will also receive a Cymatics Logo T-Shirt!

This limited merch is rarely given away and will not be available to purchase in our store.

So make sure you take advantage of this special offer if you want one!

Gift Card

$50 Cymatics Gift Card

To celebrate our first ever Networking Event Tour and to say thank you for supporting us, we’ll be including a $50 Cymatics Gift Card in this VIP Exclusives Bundle!

You can use this gift card to buy anything you want from the Cymatics store -- take a look and explore the soundbanks and products we’ve built up over the years!