The Ultimate House Bundle:
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The Ultimate House Bundle Includes:

*This offer will be gone after our 4th Of July sale!

Value: $27

House Essential Samples Vol 1

If you’re a passionate producer who wants to revolutionize house music, the wait is over.

Introducing House Essential Samples Vol 1: A revolutionary sample pack that takes House music to an entirely new level.

Our world class production team spent months creating this pack to deliver you with precisely crafted Drum One Shots, Synth & Drum Loops, Premium FX Samples, and Professional Vocals that will significantly boost your production speed and workflow.

Not to mention, each drum sample has been processed to perfection to provide you with maximum punch and clarity in your mix.

And that’s just the beginning of what you can do with this pack. We took things a step further and hired a professional song scorer to create beautiful piano and string loops that provide instant inspiration.

See how far you can go with House Essential Samples Vol.1 by downloading it now!

House Arp 4 128 BPM G# Min
House Chord Loop 2 128 BPM D Min
House Chord Loop 3 128 BPM E Min
House Drop Loop 6 128 BPM C Min
Value: $27

G House Essential Samples Vol 1

G-House heavyweights like Malaa and Drezo are constantly pushing the genre forward with inspiring creativity and stellar sound design.

This Hip Hop-House fusion genre has been constantly growing over the last few years…

And now it’s more prevalent than ever.

Inspired by the growth of the hard-hitting, groove-inducing style of G-House, we created G-House Essential Samples Vol 1 – a vast collection of drum, synth, FX, and vocal samples that will help you create INCREDIBLE G-House heaters.

Before the production team started creating samples for this pack, they aggregated a playlist of the top G-House tracks and meticulously studied every single element in each song.

They applied their findings and the results were unbelievable…

The drum loops create infectious grooves that can be immediately used in your drops – we’ve included a ton of drum one shots so you can craft your own drumlines too.

The synth section is packed with astounding drop loops that showcase HUGE basses and catchy rhythmic runs – you’ll also find melody loops for your breakdowns!

Finally, the FX section will tie all your elements together and the vocal section includes perfect chants and phrases so you can add some Hip Hop flavor to your tracks.

Get your hands on this authentic and immediately usable collection of G-House one shots and loops that work together flawlessly!

Download G-House Essential Samples Vol 1 now.

G House Drop Loop 1 – 124 BPM D# Min
G House Drop Loop 10 – 128 BPM D# Min
G House Full Drum Loop 1 – 122 BPM
G House Melody Loop 2 – 124 BPM G Min
Value: $27

Techno Essential Samples Vol 1

Techno is one of the longest standing genres in electronic music.

The genre is known for its ability to get people moving on the dance floor, and its fanbase is absolutely RABID!

With artists like Joseph Capriati, Carl Cox, Green Velvet and more having such illustrious careers, we were scratching our heads as to why there are so few stellar techno packs on the market.

We decided it was time for a change, which led us to creating our very first Techno sample pack.

After spending hours upon hours for this pack, tweaking knobs, and creating brand new sounds with hardware synthesizers, this pack is sure to evoke dance floor emotions in your music.

Every single sample in this pack is ready to be thrown into your mix and sound stellar – allowing you to spend less time on sample choice, and more time writing the next killer groove.

The kicks are massive, the snares are punchy, and the loops are SURE to get your body moving!

With so many stellar samples to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about finding the “right” sound again!

Elevate your Techno game – download Techno Essential Samples now!

Techno Ambience 1 125 BPM G
Techno Ambience 2 125 BPM A#
Techno Bass Loop 11 126 BPM D#
Techno Bass Loop 15 128 BPM A
Value: $27

Eclipse for Xfer Serum (Prog House)

Progressive House is a genre that has captured the hearts and souls of thousands over the past few years.

The enthralling melodies, lush chords, and stellar songwriting all play a huge part in how dear this genre is to so many people.

But even with how popular Progressive House is, we were surprised to find that there was a lack of high quality presets available for producers…

Because of this, we felt that we HAD to make Eclipse for producers like you.

Our sound design team studied the biggest artists like Martin Garrix, Hardwell, and Avicii to create a high quality pack that gives you everything you need to write beautiful Progressive House tracks.

With 30 incredible presets to choose from, you’ll find yourself reaching for this pack time and time again to perfect your track or even as a pure source of inspiration.

Don’t miss out on one of the best Progressive House packs available for Serum. Download Eclipse now!

ARP – Morning Breeze
ARP – Weekend
BASS – Deep Dive
BASS – Payback
Value: $27

Notorious for Xfer Serum (G House)

What happens when Hip Hop and House come together?

G-House is created.

Artists like Tchami have been propelling this style forward into new and unique territory…

Tchami’s record label, CONFESSION, displays a wide variety of exceptional and innovative G-House tracks and the genre continues to grow!

So to help you on your way to mastering the G-House genre, we created Notorious for Xfer Serum.

Our production team had so much fun with this one, constantly referencing G-House kings like Tchami, Malaa, Wax Motif and many more to make sure the sounds in this pack are EXACTLY what you need to make G-House.

The basses and sequencers were carefully constructed and refined so your drops sound full and destroy the dancefloor.

And the plucks and leads are perfect for dark, Hip Hop-influenced breaks that are crucial to the G-House style.

Every preset sounds great straight out of the pack and perfectly captures the notorious G-House vibe.

Whether you’re just getting into this style, or you’re a seasoned veteran looking to refresh your sound, this pack is a must-have.

Download Notorious for Xfer Serum now.

BASS – Bad Boys
BASS – Original Freak
BASS – Prisoners
Value: $27

Genesis for Xfer Serum (Bass House)

Bass House is a genre that exploded onto the scene and revolutionized House Music.

Not only did people instantly feel attached to the swing and groove of the genre, but many people fell in love with the intricate sound design.

Artists like Jauz, Habstrakt, and Moksi are masters of sound design, putting them above the rest in the Bass House space.

However, with several different stylistic approaches to Bass House, nailing the sound design can be tricky as you may feel overwhelmed.

This is why our sound design team took the time to dive into some of our favorite Bass House tracks, analyzing the intricacies and nuances of these crazy sounds, leading us to create Genesis.

Genesis for Xfer Serum is chock full of 30 presets for Xfer Serum – everything from leads, to basses, plucks and more.

Our sound design team worked harder than ever before to ensure this pack is powerful and unique, allowing you to get more creative and focus on the swing and groove Bass House is known for.

Get groovin’ and download Genesis for Xfer Serum now!

BASS – Deep Acid
BASS – Mud Ring
BASS – Night Life
BASS – Time Warp