The Ultimate "Hitmaker" Bundle:
Get Essential Pop, Hip Hop, and EDM sounds for just $135 $25!

*This offer will be gone after our 4th Of July sale!


The Ultimate "Hitmaker" Bundle Includes:

*This offer will be gone after our 4th Of July sale!

Value: $27

Pop Essential Samples Vol 1

Is it just us? Or does every Pop Sample pack sound NOTHING like what’s charting?

We’ve always found the lack of high quality pop resources to be extremely frustrating…

So we took matters into our own hands and made our FIRST EVER Pop Sample Pack.

Our top producers and writers recorded many real instruments and processed each loop with industry standard emulations of analog hardware to give every sound an authentic pop feel.

The finished product blows the competition out of the water…

Modelled after artists such as DJ Khaled, Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, and many more, this sample pack will allow you to create any genre found on the Billboard Top 100.

With this pack, you will have access to the sounds that you hear in every modern radio smash!

We made sure that every single loop and one shot is inspiring enough for you to start using immediately.

Raise the quality of your tracks and take the first step towards creating a chart-topping hit…

Download Pop Essential Samples Vol 1 now.

Pop Full Drum Loop 1 100 BPM
Pop Full Drum Loop 2 100 BPM
Pop Guitar 3 110 BPM E Maj
Pop Guitar 8 110 BPM G Min
Value: $27

Tropical House Essential Samples Vol 1

There’s a reason why legends like Kygo and Thomas Jack have dominated the Tropical House scene for years…

What’s their secret?

Stellar melodies and infectious grooves. And we’re bringing you BOTH.

Introducing Tropical House Essential Samples Vol 1 – the first Tropical House pack we’ve ever done.

Catchy, groovy melodies are extremely important in this genre. So to make sure this pack was done right, our team of producers studied top Tropical House tracks by Kygo, Thomas Jack, Matoma, and more.

They completely dissected the melodies, grooves, and sounds of these tracks and applied their findings.

The result is a collection of infectious synth and vocal melody loops that will be stuck in your head for days, tight percussion and drum loops for contagious groove, and perfectly crafted FX to tie everything together.

You’ll even be given high quality tropical synth one shots and drum one shots that work perfectly together, so you can craft your own melodies and drums with ease.

This pack is seriously fun to experiment and write with. Even browsing through the loops is super inspiring!

Sit back, relax, and create some good vibes…

Download Tropical House Essential Samples Vol 1 now.

Tropical House Synth Loop 1 – 100 BPM C Maj
Tropical House Synth Loop 13 – 110 BPM E Maj
Tropical House Synth Loop 20 – 110 BPM B Min
Tropical House Top Drum Loop 2 – 100 BPM
Value: $27

Hip Hop Essential Samples Vol 1

Hip Hop is becoming more musical every single day..

A good melody, combined with quality drum grooves and a powerful 808 can turn an otherwise boring rap song into a stellar hit.

Just imagine what “Bad and Boujee” would sound like if the beat wasn’t as amazing as it is?

But why is it that there are so few GOOD Hip Hop sample packs for aspiring producers?

From every “In the Beat” video, it sounds like every producer has samples up and comers can never get their hands on….

That’s changed.

Introducing the Hip Hop Essentials Sample Pack – our FIRST ever Hip Hop pack!

Our production team spent so much time making sure this pack was amazing for you, ensuring that these samples are some of the BEST we’ve ever made!

Believe it or not, this pack is so good, that they everyone who worked on this pack ended up making a handful of beats…faster than they’ve ever made them before.

Download Hip Hop Essentials today, and finish BETTER beats FASTER than ever before!

Hip Hop 808 4 E
Hip Hop Downlifer 4 150 BPM F# Min
Hip Hop Drum Loop 1 128 BPM
Hip Hop Hat Loop 7 140 BPM
Value: $27

Future Bass Essential Samples Vol 1

It may seem like the secret to Future Bass is solely in the layers of various synths.

But the truth of the matter is, the real magic happens when quality drums meet quality melodies.

Listen to any Flume track and you’ll hear how the synths are in perfect harmony with the intricate drum work.

Which is why our team spent the past few months making the cleanest sample pack that gives you all the melodic and percussive tools you need for Future Bass production.

The drums and percussion were carefully synthesized while others were layered with live recordings to give you a wide variety of percussion so you can create interesting and unique drum beats.

Then we spent hours on hours perfecting 40 beautifully written Piano and String loops, Vocal Loops, and Synth Loops that will boost your production speed and workflow and can LITERALLY be dragged and dropped when the moment of creativity strikes.

Future Bass Essentials Vol 1 will exceed your highest expectations, and dramatically change the way you produce this genre.

Future Bass Drop Loop 4 150 BPM D# Min
Future Bass Drop Loop 6 160 BPM G Min
Future Bass E Piano Loop 2 140 BPM G Min
Future Bass Full Drum Loop 2 150 BPM
Value: $27

Harmonics for Xfer Serum (Instruments)

You know that moment when you finally find the perfect instrument for your mix?

Well, our team set out to give you that moment again and again by creating 30 Instrumental Presets and 30 Instrument Wavetables.

Introducing Harmonics Instruments, an extremely diverse mix of essential sounds.

Each high quality preset was meticulously crafted to perfection, so you’ll be able to worry less about choosing the right sound, and focus more on making fantastic, emotional music.

That’s because we’ve included real, organic sounds, everything from real string sounds to stringed bass.

We even took advantage of Serum’s unique Sub Oscillator, so you never have to worry about your music sounding too flat.

With how diverse these sounds are, you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference one sound will make for your music, and how easy it will be to find that sound with Harmonics Instruments for Serum.

BASS – Slap Bass
DRUM – Timpani
GUITAR – Acoustic
GUITAR – Strum