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43 Premium Melody Loops That Stand Out

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This premium collection of melodies contains 42 brand new melodies, which includes some of our favorites that we’ve made so far this year.

These melodies span a wide variety of different styles and genres including Trap, RnB, Melodic, and more.

Our team of world renowned songwriters and loop makers designed each one of these melodies to work perfectly within the chart topping styles of 2023.

And each melody comes with its own original stems & MIDI, to allow you to control every aspect and layer for every sample.

Death March - 125 BPM F# Min
Delta - 134 BPM A Min
Euphoria - 130 BPM F# Min
Fever - 126 BPM D# Min
Lavender - 134 BPM B Min
Time Heals - 88 BPM C# Min
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Premium Melodies
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