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Dragon: Platinum Expansion

Our team spent extra time putting together this melody expansion pack for all DRAGON license owners, so you have even more tools to use for creating placement ready tracks.

This extended library of melody loops, MIDI, and stems are the perfect addition to the main pack, and will leave you with no shortage of options style and vibe wise!

With this Platinum Expansion, you’ll gain exclusive access to some of the most high quality and diverse melodies that we have ever put together for any expansion pack in Cymatics history.

You’ll have the ultimate creative freedom to break down a majority of the melodies, piece by piece to its stems, or even edit/rearrange original MIDI composition to use with your own VST sounds!

So take advantage of this one-time opportunity to get the DRAGON Platinum Expansion while you still can!

Platinum Dark Loop - Greed
Platinum Dark Loop - Paper
Platinum Ethnic - Destiny
Platinum Ethnic - Mafia
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