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What exactly is "Future Bass" Course, what you will learn, who is your instructor?

Future Bass can be one of the most challenging genres to make.

It takes both great sound design & songwriting to make a cohesive hit come together.

When we thought about this, we knew that one of our top producers SEM would be perfect to teach this course. He has released on San Holo’s label bitbird and is known for making big Future Bass remixes similar to Flume!

He will cover everything in his creative process from sound selection, synth creation, song arrangement, mixing, and everything else that brings the song to it’s final version.

Not to mention, you’ll also see him making a full song from scratch. Meaning you’ll get to see exactly how he works his way through a song and see the entire process from start to finish.


Course Introduction
Welcome to the Master Series House Start To Finish Course with Sem! In this course, he walks you through every step of making a Future Bass song from scratch.
Drafting the Drop
Sem shows how to draft a basic idea for a Future Bass drop.
Refining the Drop - Drums
In this video, Sem shows how to spice up your drums.
Refining the Drop - Synths
Sem shows how to make your Future Bass synths much more exciting.
Making the Intro
In this video, Sem writes an intro section for the song.
Breakdown + Buildup
Sem shows how to build tension and release with a breakdown and buildup for the song.
Further Arranging The Drop
In this video, Sem finishes arranging the first drop of the song.
Sem arranges the rest of the song and works on the transitions.
Making the Second Drop
In this video, Sem makes a unique second drop to switch up the second half of the track.
Final Touches
Sem adds some final touches to the song.
Song Breakdown - "Never Let Me Go"
In this section of the course, Sem breaks down one of his Future Bass songs "Never Let Me Go".
Song Breakdown - "Better"
In this section of the course, Sem shows how he made his Future Bass song "Better".


Cymatics.fm Producer

SEM has been one of the top EDM producers at Cymatics for over 4 years. His sound design and diversity really shows in his music and his ability to make multiple genres.

Not to mention he’s had millions of plays on his songs and has had releases on labels like San Holo’s label bitbird!