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We will be dropping "DRAGON" on Fiday, May 8th at 12pm EST!

What exactly is Project "DRAGON"?

Only 1,500 licenses of “DRAGON” will be released on Friday, May 8th at 12PM EST!
For this collection, our production team’s main focus was creating melodies that you could easily land on a billboard charting record!
There is definitely a reason why you see tons of big producers asking others to send them melody loops, because melodies have easily become one the most valuable assets in the Hip-Hop industry.
Moving into 2020 we have nearly tripled the size of our team of producers to make this project possible, and what we ended up with is the largest melodic collection we have ever created.
Dragon has a diverse catalog of melody styles for you to explore when looking to make your next big song!
Every single melody loop in this pack also comes with it’s own layer stems, along with the full MIDI composition to give you maximum creative control over your tracks.
You may not normally be inspired by certain genres, but with this diverse catalog of melodies it makes new areas of creativity super easy to explore with convenience!

Preview "DRAGON" Here:

Dark Loop - Purple Skies
Dark Loop - Zone Out
Ethnic Loop - Pesos
Ethnic Loop - Wartime
Happy Loop - NASA
Nostalgic Loop - Autum
Nostalgic Loop - Leftovers
Orchestral Loop - Limitless
RNB Loop - Sunbeams
Various Loop - The Abyss

7 Exclusive Bonuses Included For Free

4 Unreleased Cymatics Packs, A Melody Creation Course, and DRAGON USB
GOLIATH: Our Heaviest Industry Ready 808’s

When it comes to some of the biggest songs in Hip-Hop, they always all share the same common denominator…
...Super heavy 808’s.
With GOLIATH, our newly expanded team of producers spent extra time crafting what has become our heaviest and biggest sounding 808’s to date!
MAGIC: Hip-Hop Drum Kit

From colossal sounding drum loops to super crisp one shots, MAGIC has all of the drum sounds you need for bringing a hit record together!
These are easily some of the most crisp sounding drums that our team of sound designers have ever crafted and they are sure to make your beats stand out.
MAGIC includes tons of kicks, snares, hats, percs, drum loops, and more!
PANDORA: Synths & Instruments

PANDORA is a diverse collection of different synth and live instruments one shots to explore!
You'll have a variety of different textures, soundscapes, keys, pads, plucks, bells, leads, etc from actual hardware synthesizers...
...As well as crisp recordings of several different live instruments like guitar, piano, world instruments, and much more!
GEMS: Ultimate Edition Vol. 1

Our GEMS packs are our most popular melodies, and we included this unreleased volume to go perfect with DRAGON!
This expansion pack contains 100 secret melodies as well as the original stems and MIDI compositions for each loop.
To top it all off, we’ve included an entire full length video course from one of our head melody creation experts!
He will cover a variety of topics when it comes to creating placement ready melodies from scratch, how to optimize workflow, music theory, and so much more.
Not to mention, there will also be a bonus breakdown video of the actual process so you can study it and apply the techniques to your own studio sessions.
*Course can be used with any DAW
$50 Cymatics Gift Card
As a way of saying thank you for being so supportive, we want to give everyone who gets DRAGON a free $50 Cymatics Gift Card!
You can use this Gift Card to buy anything you want from the Cymatics store -- take a look and explore the other soundbanks and products we’ve built up over the years or use it on upcoming packs!
We’re going to be giving away an Exclusive DRAGON USB to the first 150 producers who get a license of DRAGON!
When we do exclusive USB, they usually sell out within the first few minutes of the launch. So it’s absolutely crucial to get on the waiting list above if you want one of these!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact
With DRAGON you’ll receive a full license to use anything in the collection, so you have 100% rights to sell beats you create with the pack and place them with no issues.
Besides the industry level quality of the melodies, the most valuable part of DRAGON is the royalty-free aspect, because you will never have to worry about clearing a sample if you land a big placement with your beat!
It’s the most important for the producer to have as much creative control as possible, instead of just being locked in a wav file...
...And because all of these samples are created by Cymatics, we can actually have the freedom to do this and still remain royalty free!
This is why DRAGON is such a valuable investment for your career as a producer, not to mention, with only a limited number of licenses available it gives you a massive advantage over the hundreds of thousands of producers who won’t ever have access to this one.
To secure a license and especially grab one of the first 150, first you will want to join the Early Access List at the top of this page.
This will ensure that you are one of the first producers to receive access to the DRAGON product page an hour before it goes live to the public!
You will receive a text/email reminder with a link on May 8th before it goes public at 12PM EST.
Even though DRAGON is primarily a Hip-Hop inspired pack, there is such a deep catalog of different styles of melodies that you can really find exactly the vibe you’re looking for to create under whatever genre you want!
The best part about this pack is definitely the diversity melody wise, and not to mention with the stems and MIDI for every sample, you can tweak any of them to fit exactly how you want.
DRAGON is compatible with any DAW!
All of the samples included will have .wav format, so you can import them into any DAW with ease!