Mercury Production Suite + 4 exclusive bonuses

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Mercury Melody Composition Loops

Mercury is a perfect example of how Cymatics melodies have evolved over the last year.

The production team has perfected a new approach to creating melody loops - which has led to some of our most popular packs of all time like Zodiac and Destiny.

Our large packs usually cost $200+, but we wanted to hook everyone up for Black Friday... so Mercury is only $50 for the next week!

Mercury has 100 professional composition loops that are sorted into 3 sections - Vintage, Lofi, and R&B

  • Emphasis on live instruments like guitar, bass, drums/percussion, piano, vintage synths and more.
  • Creating full compositions instead of just simple loops. This means every loop has multiple sections and interesting arrangements.
  • Collaboration between our best producers and musicians, letting each one focus on their strengths to create the best possible samples.
  • Live soul & RnB vocals on top many lot of the compositions

Stems and MIDI are included with every loop. 100% royalty free.

Preview samples from Mercury

Angels - 164 BPM A Min (RNB)
Awaiting On U - 125 BPM B Min (RNB)
Cosa Nostra - 130 BPM C# Min (Vintage)
Forest Drive - 80 BPM E Min + G Min (Vintage)
Lap Of Luxury - 75 BPM D Maj (Lofi)
Make Things Right - 105 BPM A Min (Vintage)
Nostalgia - 81 BPM F Min (RNB)
U Know My Mind - 160 BPM C Min (Lofi)
Walk With Me - 150 BPM A Maj (RNB)

4 exclusive bonuses included for free

3 unreleased Cymatics packs + $25 Cymatics Gift Card

Divinity: Vocal Loops

Divinity is a collection of 40 lush soul, lofi, and R&B vocals perfect for Hip Hop, Lofi, and R&B.
These vocals instantly add a memorable element to your songs, and are great for chopping up and sampling.
If you’re looking for the emotional vibe felt in many Drake and Kanye songs, you’re going to love this bonus pack.
Awaiting On U Vocal Loop
Best Friends Vocal Loop
Dawn Vocal Loop
U Know My Mind Vocal Loop
Elements: Percussion Loops

Percussion loops can help a lot when it comes to setting the vibe for a song - They can provide texture, rhythm, and bounce to a track and are easy to build around.
The percussion in Elements are all what we like to call “instant vibe creators”.
Meaning these great sources for creating inspiration - because when you hear them you instantly will begin to hear new ideas for songs coming into your head.
Elements includes 40+ unique percussion loops created by some of the best producers we know.
Deal Perc Loop - 110 BPM
Hardware Perc Loop - 145 BPM
Intro Perc Loop - 160 BPM
Truth Perc Loop - 81 BPM
Yosemite: Drum Loops

We included a full collection of Hip Hop and RnB drum loops for you to work with alongside the melodies from Mercury.
These drum loops can be dragged in with a melody, or chopped up and remixed - plus we included the stems so you have full control.
These are easily some of the most crisp sounding drums that our team of sound designers have ever crafted and they are sure to make your beats stand out.
Aztec Drum Loop - 179 BPM
Crunch Drum Loop - 150 BPM
Plug Drum Loop - 100 BPM
Sensual Drum Loop - 81 BPM
$25 Cymatics Giftcard

For the next week we are also including a $25 Cymatics gift card with Mercury.
The giftcard can be used on any plugin or sample pack in our store (deals up to 75% off for the rest of the month)

Mercury Melody Pack Overview

Stems + MIDI included for every melody loop