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*The first 4000 producers to buy LOTUS will get AURORA for free.
LOTUS will be available on Friday, February 18th at 12PM EST

Lotus Plugin
Cymatics’ new secret weapon for melodies?

Our most game changing plugin yet is finally almost here... LOTUS

LOTUS is an analog delay / pitch shifter with hundreds of unique capabilities.

If you’re trying to make your melodies more unique, you need this plugin.

LOTUS perfectly replicates a famous guitar effect pedal that’s become very popular in Hip Hop and Lofi production (can you guess what it is?)

The problem is, this hardware pedal is hard to get, hard to use, and is extremely expensive. Plus you can’t even save presets easily or even use it in stereo...

However, LOTUS is very easy to use while keeping all the advanced features found in the hardware version. It will also be much more affordable.

This plugin is a game changer for making melodies more interesting. Put it on any loop and it instantly gives you a unique sound

LOTUS will be available Friday Feb. 18th 2022, and will come with a free bonus plugin for the first 4000 people to get it (more info on that soon)

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What's under the hood of Lotus?

We meticulously recreated the famous MN3005 BBD chip (Bucket Brigade Delay) found in classic guitar pedals from the 70s. This chip completely revolutionized the sound of delays forever!

So what makes LOTUS special?

Rather than use a simple digital delay as found in other plugins, the BBD in Lotus functions exactly as it does in coveted analog gear.

But the real magic of Lotus is that it stacks FOUR of these BBD chips and combines them with a powerful pitch-shifting sequencer.

This allows you to manipulate your audio in completely different ways than any other delay plugin on the market.

Lotus Plugin
Hear Lotus in action
Every demo was processed
with LOTUS - no extra post FX or processing
E Piano
Trap Melody 1
Trap Melody 2
Guitar 1
Guitar 2
Sine Pluck
Free Bonus: AURORA
Instrument Plugin
The first 4000 producers to buy LOTUS
will get AURORA for free!
What exactly is AURORA?

Introducing Aurora - a new instrument plugin that provides amazingly lush sounds for writing melodies and chord progressions.

With our last instrument plugin, KEYS, our goal was to include the best go-to keys sounds without any fluff to slow down creativity.

Our mission with AURORA has been the same - except this time with synthesizers, other live instruments, and more weird/experimental sounds that will spark new ideas for years to come.

Aurora comes with 100+ powerful presets and dozens of customizable parameters to make your own sounds.

Hear AURORA in action
*Click here to download these demo loops for free
Aurora Demo Loop 1 - 137 BPM C Min
Aurora Demo Loop 2 - 150 BPM C Min
Aurora Demo Loop 3 - 140 BPM D# Min
Aurora Demo Loop 4 - 128 BPM B Min