The Ultimate Bass Music Bundle:
6 Premium Packs For Just $162 $25

*This offer will be gone after our 4th Of July sale!


The Ultimate Bass Music Bundle Includes:

*This offer will be gone after our 4th Of July sale!

Value: $27

Hybrid Trap Essential Samples Vol 1

Hybrid Trap is a genre that dominates the festival circuits.

Artists like NGHTMRE and Herobust are taking dance music by storm with their massive new songs.

The sounds involved in the genre are insane!

Everything from the unique snares, to interesting vocal chops, and even the massive 808s.

After studying the best songs in the genre, our production team knew that sample choice was everything.

Hybrid Trap Essential Samples Volume 1 is everything you need to make stellar Hybrid Trap right now.

With everything from 808s, drums, vocal chops, and synths, this pack is among the best we’ve released for the genre.

If you want to make stellar Hybrid Trap, download Hybrid Trap Essential Samples Volume 1 now!

Hybrid Trap 808 5
Hybrid Trap Drop Loop 6 – 150 BPM
Hybrid Trap Drop Loop 7 – 150 BPM
Hybrid Trap Drop Loop 8 – 150 BPM
Value: $27

Trap Essential Samples Vol 1

If you’re a Trap producer, odds are you don’t want to make another random song. You want to make the next banger that will be played out at every major festival!

And what we realized is that the most influential Trap producers in the scene all have one thing in common: Drums & 808s that slap.

So, to help you sound like the pros, our production team spent the past few months making the heaviest and cleanest drums samples inspired by legends like RL Grime and Baauer.

To make this happen we had to examine the EXACT elements that made the best Trap songs from the past few years so amazing.

And after hundreds of hours in the studio trying to create the perfect Trap pack, we had created breathtaking brass, string, and synth loops that are great for stepping out of your normal boundaries.

Not to mention, we even included some of our most incredible 808s, kicks, and snares yet!

If you’ve been waiting for the next big innovation in Trap production, the wait is over.

Trap Arp Loop 2 150 BPM F Min
Trap Brass Loop 1 140 BPM D# Min
Trap Brass Loop 4 150 BPM E Min
Trap Drop Loop 1 150 BPM E
Value: $27

Dubstep Essential Samples Vol 1

This newest evolution of dubstep samples was curated to help you reach the highest level of production without the time sink of intense sound design.

Our production team worked painstakingly on revolutionizing the types of sounds people want to hear by creating the ULTIMATE bank of Kicks, Snares, Claps, Chords, Loops, Build-ups and even Crashes.

Dubstep is only as good as the samples within, so if you’ve ever struggled to find the right bass or drums, we completely understand, and you’re looking at the solution.

The best part is that you can immediately start using them in your DAW to create extremely clear and memorable tracks.

Not to mention, these samples will provide you with extremely high quality drums and sounds that will make your mix to be top notch.

Thats where the real value from these Dubstep Essentials Vol. 1 come from; your songs will truly become 10 times more professional with these samples.

So, if you’re an artist who enjoys using crushing and vibrant samples in your productions, Dubstep Essential Samples Vol. 1 will become an essential part of your production.

Dubstep Arp Loop 1 140 BPM E Min
Dubstep Chord Loop 6 150 BPM G Min
Dubstep Drop Loop 2 150 BPM F Min
Dubstep Drop Loop 6 150 BPM F Min
Value: $27

Drum and Bass Essential Samples Vol 1

Drum and Bass is a genre that has completely shaped dance music.

As one of the very first genres to emerge inside of the dance music space, we have seen a great evolution inside of the genre – new sounds, arrangements, and even several sub-genres.

Now, modern day Drum and Bass consists of crazy sounds and HUGE drums. Take a look at artists like Noisia or Mefjus as an example of how far the boundaries in Drum and Bass can be pushed.

Drum and Bass has a passionate fanbase, and even more passionate producers. But for some reason, resources available for DnB producers are limited.

Inspired by those same passionate producers, our sound design team sat down and worked tirelessly to create one of the BEST Drum and Bass packs ever released.

Drum and Bass Essential Samples Volume 1 is one of the craziest packs we’ve ever put together. Filled with unique, massive drums, gnarly bass sounds, and well constructed, detailed loops, this pack is all you need for fantastic Drum and Bass songs.

The sounds are SO good, that many of us got distracted and created Drum and Bass records on our own JUST with the sounds in this pack.

Don’t miss out on the excitement and inspiration this pack brings, download Drum and Bass Essential Samples Volume 1 now!

Bass Loop 4 174 BPM F
Bass Loop 5 174 BPM F#
Bass Loop 7 174 BPM G
Full Drum Loop 2 174 BPM
Value: $27

Supernova for Xfer Serum

Dubstep leaders like Virtual Riot, Zomboy, Soltan, and Must Die all have one thing in common…

Stellar sound design.

Any Dubstep producer who doesn’t spend time developing their sound design skills may become severely disadvantaged.

And we don’t want you to fall behind…

So we created another collection of high quality Dubstep Serum presets:

Supernova for Xfer Serum!

Our producers wanted to give you the BEST possible presets to reverse engineer and learn from.

They carefully studied the sounds of top tier Dubstep artists and directly referenced tracks by Must Die, Virtual Riot, and many more to make sure everything was consistently high quality and usable.

The result was a pack absolutely filled to the brim with sizzling leads, huge growls, and monstrous wobbles.

Everything sounds phenomenal straight out of the pack and can be used to enhance your tracks immediately – this might be our best Dubstep pack yet.

Whether you want to buckle down and develop your sound design skills, you’re looking for a source of inspiration, or you want an arsenal of tools that will take your Dubstep tracks to the next level…this pack is what you need!

Download Supernova for Xfer Serum now.

BASS – Astronaut
BASS – Infrared Beam
BASS – Rocket Fuel
BASS – Underworld
Value: $27

Hybrid for Xfer Serum

Hybrid Trap is a genre that dominates the festival circuits.

Artists like NGHTMRE and Herobust are taking dance music by storm with their massive new songs.

The artists at the top of the Hybrid Trap game are renowned not only because of their drums, melodies and energy, but their sounds are next level!

A lot of bass music is predicated upon the sound design – something that a lot of producers struggle with!

With the success of our Hybrid Trap packs in the past, we noticed that many producers – both new and advanced – were always incredibly excited every time a new pack was released in this genre.

And because of this, we’ve decided to put our heads together to create our best Hybrid Trap pack yet!

With 30 stellar presets for Xfer Records’ Serum, our production team spent hours dissecting the biggest and best Hybrid Trap songs to fully understand how these huge sounds were made – and spent twice as much time making the sounds themselves!

Get access to some of the best sounds in bass music – download Hybrid for Xfer Serum now!

ARP – Six
BASS – Humble
BASS – Suicide Squad
LEAD – Lung