Organics - Wood

Organics - Wood
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Create a truly unique song with over 250 Foley Recordings made entirely by dropping, hitting, scraping, smacking, and spinning WOOD!

This giant assortment of organic wood sounds was recorded in Atlanta’s gorgeous 800 East Studio Professional Foley Studio where we were able to truly unleash all our creative energy.

And now with this pack, you’ll be able to do the same. Explore unchartered territory in your own production with trying out some of the most bizarre sounds you’ve ever come across.

Whether you get inspired by crackling rotted out wood or hollowed plank clanks, you’re guaranteed to switch up production with this pack.

These wood samples really shine when you create your own Snares & Percussion drums out of them.

Try out Organics Wood today and add a unique organic feel to your music that is sure to help you stand out from the crowd.

Included in this pack:

  • 48 Wood Drops
  • 35 Wood Hits
  • 24 Wood Scraps
  • 53 Wood Smacks
  • 16 Wood Spins
  • 53 Wood Smacks
  • 31 Dowels
  • 23 Wooden Ladders
  • 15 Pool Cues
  • 6 Rotten Wood


  • Format: .WAV
  • File Size (Zipped): 123.2 MB
  • File Count: 251 Foley Recordings

Listen to "Organics - Wood" In Action:

Organics – Wood Dowel Whip 7
Organics – Wood Dowel Whip 17
Organics – Wood Ladder 2
Organics – Wood Wood Cylinder Hit 2
Organics – Wood Wood Cylinder Hit 13
Organics – Wood Wood Cylinder Hit 15
Organics – Wood Wood Drop Close Mic 15
Organics – Wood Wood Drop Far Mic 10