Organics – City Ambience

Organics – City Ambience
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Ambient recordings have started playing a major role in modern day music production.

Artists like Flume and Odesza have built incredible tracks and a signature sound by using Ambience to create certain kind of nostalgic feelings that listeners love.

Since professional quality ambience is nearly impossible to find, we took our CSS-50 Dual-Field Cardioid Microphone on a journey through Atlanta, Georgia, capturing everything from the screeching echoes of deep underground subway stations, to crowded parks full of background conversations.

We’ve also captured chaotic city streets in the heart of downtown and the miscellaneous noise that comes through a quiet high rise apartment.

The reason we went all out on this pack is because we know just how unique and memorable something as simple as a breakdown can be when you add a little bit of ambience to the mix.

Whether you want to infuse your song with the feel of grimy street corners or drowsy train rides, Organics City Ambience brings something valuable to every producer’s toolkit.

Included in this pack:

  • 7 Apartment Foley
  • 4 City Gates
  • 6 City Rumbles
  • 10 City Streets
  • 4 Highway Bridges
  • 12 Train Stations & Rides
  • Plus Elevators, Flowing Fountains, Massive Fans, Humming Food Trucks, & Much More


  • Format: .WAV
  • File Size (Zipped): 760.6 MB
  • File Count: 80 Foley Recordings

Listen to "Organics – City Ambience" In Action

Organics Ambience Apartment Blinds 1
Organics Ambience Apartment Shower
Organics Ambience City Gate 3
Organics Ambience City Various 1
Organics Ambience Door Handles 1
Organics Ambience Fountain 2
Organics Ambience Highway Bridge 3
Organics Ambience Train Rumble