What exactly is Aurora?

Introducing Aurora - a new instrument plugin that provides amazingly lush sounds for writing melodies and chord progressions.

With our last instrument plugin, KEYS, our goal was to include the best go-to keys sounds without any fluff to slow down creativity.

Our mission with AURORA has been the same - except this time with synthesizers, other live instruments, and more weird/experimental sounds that will spark new ideas for years to come.

Aurora comes with 100+ powerful presets and dozens of customizable parameters to make your own sounds.

Hear AURORA in action
Every demo loop was made exclusively
with AURORA - no post FX or processing
Aurora Demo Loop 1 - 137 BPM C Min
Aurora Demo Loop 2 - 150 BPM C Min
Aurora Demo Loop 3 - 140 BPM D# Min
Aurora Demo Loop 4 - 128 BPM B Min
100+ inspiring presets -
no filler sounds

Cymatics has been known for some of the best presets in the music industry for years, and AURORA is no different.

We included tons of go-to presets for every style of music. The preset categories are Plucks, Leads, Pads, Instruments, and more!

Just to name a few, you can expect to hear sounds like:

  • Trap melody leads
  • Lofi synth pads
  • Vintage synthesizers

We also plan on releasing AURORA preset expansions for free in the future.

Aurora Plugin