Ultimate List Of Serum Skins!

Ultimate List Of Serum Skins!
Although we love Lance Thackeray’s GUI design for Serum, over-time, using the same colors or interfaces can lead to becoming bored or uninspired.

Luckily, Xfer Records came out with a patch that allows you to edit the Serum skin files.

This resulted in producers and designers going crazy over this new feature.

In fact, a whole market of Serum skins was launched. There’s now color changes, artist themed skins, holiday themed skins, tv-show theme skins, and many more.

These skins now help producers reignite their creativity by giving them a fresh new interface to produce in.

But because there’s so many new skins, it can be hard to sort through them all and find the one that speaks to you.

So, we’ve put together an ultimate list of all the best Serum skins. This way, you can find all of the best skins all in one place.

But before we begin, let’s go over how to install custom skins!

How To Install:

To install these Xfer Serum skins, you’ll need to have the latest update Xfer Records has provided for Serum.

To be able to access the skins folder, you’ll want to find this location on your computer. This will hold all of your skins, so when you open up Serum, they will be available.


Documents/Xfer Serum/Presets/Skins


Library/Audio/Presets/Xfer Records/Serum Presets/Skins

Once you’re here, you’ll see one single folder titled, ‘Default’. DO NOT TOUCH THIS FOLDER.

The ‘Default’ folder is the original folder that will display the original GUI.

cymatics-serum-skins-how to-01

Instead, when you’re installing these skins, each skin will have its own folder that has similar assets within them.

For example:
cymatics-serum-skins-how to-02

Inside of each skin folder, there will be four assets:

cymatics-serum-skins-how to-03

1x: All digital assets at normal scaling when at 100%

2x: All digital assets at doubled scaling for anything above 100%

Fonts: Included fonts with the skin

colormap.png: The color map for LFO’s, envelopes, and other reactive modulations

Now that you understand how it all works, let’s see the top Xfer Serum skins!

Cymatics.fm & Academy.fm Serum Skins

Cymatics Serum Skins2

Cymatics.fm has put out a collection of Xfer Serum skins to go with releases and holidays! Here are all the skins released!

In celebration of writing this article, we’ve create three Xfer Serum skins that are exclusive to Academy.fm!

Complimentary Skin 01 (Dark Blue) by Academy.fm

cymatics-serum skins-complimentary

A dark blue skin gives Serum a chill look. Download this free complimentary skin if you’re a fan of this color!

Complimentary Skin 02 (Maroon) by Academy.fm

cymatics-serum skins-maroon

A maroon skin to set your eyes on one color. Download this free complimentary skin if you’re a fan of this color!

Complimentary Skin 03 (Orange & Black) by Academy.fm

cymatics-serum skins-orange

This is an orange and black skin to get you in the mood for the next Halloween skin. Download this free complimentary skin if you’re a fan of these colors!

Halloween Jack O’ Lantern by Cymatics.fm

cymatics-serum skins-halloween

This skin has a dark theme to it with an orange tone for Halloween vibes. If you’re into this holiday, this might be the skin for you.

Frost by Cymatics.fm

cymatics-serum skins-frost

This skin offers a complete GUI redesign of Xfer Serum with an all white and light blue theme to change the entire look.

Blackout Series by Academy.fmcymatics-serum skins-blackout

This collection of ten skins come for FREE when you sign up with Academy.fm. They’ll go well with the thousands of presets you have access to upon signing up!

Miscellaneous Skins:

Many other artists and companies have released skins as well! Here are a few of our favorites!

Rick N’ Morty by Wolf.wav

cymatics-serum skins-rick & morty

This fun Rick N’ Morty themed Serum skin is perfect if you’re a big fan of the show. It’s well laid out and surprisingly easy to look at.

Legend Of Zelda by Justin Fowler

cymatics-serum skins-zelda

This skin has a beautiful tone of warm and light colors to ease your eyes while working in Serum for long periods of time. And it’s based off one of the best games of all time.

Massive by Ent!ty & Zeneth

cymatics-serum skins-massive

This extremely well done Massive skin makes you feel like you’re actually using Massive. You can tell a lot of time went into this one!

OTT by Ent!ty & Zeneth

cymatics-serum skins-OTT

Based off a plugin by Xfer Records, Ent!ty and Zeneth present another great redesign of a separate plugin.

Anthracite by Aevi

cymatics-serum skins-anthracite

An incredible skin that completely changes the way you look at Serum. This skin was crafted perfectly from new knobs to new fonts. This is a must have!

Feed Me’s Old School

cymatics-serum skins-feed me

This skin unfortunately isn’t out yet. However, you can follow Feed Me to watch out for the release date! This skin was too good not to include.

Pro HDR Skin by Ninevibes.tv

cymatics-serum skins-nine vibes

Ninevibes offers a clean dark blue themed skin to match a similar tone to the original GUI of Serum.

Artists Skins:

While amazing skins have been made to change colors or are even tv show based, there are still other amazing skins that were made for artists.

Tascione Skin by Justin Fowler

cymatics-serum skins-tascione

This skin shows off the vibrant red and purple colors from Tascione’s brand. This is a must have if you’re a fan of his music!

Pixel Terror Skin by Justin Fowler

cymatics-serum skins-pixel terror

Let this skin pixelate you and transform your sounds to heavy hitting basses, just like the duo Pixel Terror.

Pierce Skin by Justin Fowler

cymatics-serum skins-pierce

This blood red/neon skin will Pierce straight through your sounds and inspire you to create some of the heaviest sounds you’ll find yourself making. One of our favorites!

Kompany Skin by Justin Fowler

cymatics-serum skins-kompany

Take over your sound design with this Kompany themed skin. When we see this skin, we think of heavy machinery and heavy sounds.

INF1N1TE Skin by Justin Fowler

cymatics-serum skins-infinite

Grab this anime-based INF1N1TE skin if you enjoy subtle colors and clean backgrounds!


While Serum skins may not change your sound, they can provide you with a great amount of inspiration.

Hopefully this collection of skins can help you in that direction or at least entertain you.

If you have any of your favorite skins that you didn’t see, feel free to comment about them below!

We’ll update this list regularly!

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